About Us

A. Philip Randolph Institute Objectives

The A. Philip Randolph Institute mission is to facilitate a dramatic shift “from protest to politics” by turning to a strategy of mass electoral activity rather than relying exclusively on mass protest activities. The Institute established the following strategies to achieve its objectives;

Encourage and expand political activity at the state, local and national levels of government through registering voters, organizing non-partisan get-out-the vote drives, and voter education.

Because we have a closely shared interest with the labor movement, the Institute’s registration and mobilization activities are coordinated in conjunction with labor’s main political organizations. The Institute also works with organizations that share it goals, such as the NAACP, National Urban League, Pro-Vote and others.

Encourage and expand involvement in the labor movement.

The Institute believes that unionist must play an active role within their own trade unions. Such activities benefit their local unions, the labor movement and the overall community.

Development of a union presences in the community. 

By playing an active and constructive role in the community, unionist can help strengthen the bonds between organized labor and the community, while also mobilizing support for the shared legislative and social objectives of the labor and civil rights movement.

Today, APRI is led by President Clayola Brown, whose vision and energy has sparked a new beginning for our organization.  The institute now serves as an information clearinghouse within the community. 

It conducts non-partisan voter participations drives through its local affiliates and provides leadership development, training and education vital for the individual development of its members and other trade unionist.  A. Philip Randolph Institute has more than 150 local chapters located in 36 states.